Independent Service Provider Application


You must live in Canada to be accepted for this opportunity. Non-Canadian applications will be denied.

Please carefully read all instructions and fill out this application completely before submitting.

* Required Files
Technical Requirements
Please carefully review the Minimum Technical Requirements before answering the next question.
Required Files

Acceptable file types: doc,pdf,wpd,txt,wps,rtf,csv,docx,mp3,wav,flac,ogg,wma,mp4,m4a.
Maximum file size: 8 Megabytes.

We Want To Hear Your Voice:
Using the sound recorder on your Windows PC, please attach a voice recording introducing yourself.

Example: "Hello, my name is John Q. I live in Waterloo."
Please limit the recording to under a minute.

Please do the following tests in Firefox browser and the computer you plan you user for work.
Please visit:
  1. Take a screen shot of both tests and paste them into a Word Document:
  2. Ctrl + PrtScn to take a screen shot.
  3. Open a Word document.
  4. Ctrl + V to paste the screen shot into the Word Document.
  5. Save Document as YOURNAME_Computertests